PIN: 0409-52-7705

First Name: Edwin
Last Name: Patterson
Legal description: IMP 6418 MILFORD RD LTS30 BLK P COTTONAD
Address: 6418 Milford Road - ASSESSMENT
Balance Due: $0.00
This data is being provided solely for informational purposes. The total balance due may not reflect additional accrued interest, adjustments or non-posted payments. For more accurate results, please search by both OLD and NEW parcel ID. To confirm an assessment status and payment amounts, please contact the Public Works Commission Assessment Department at (910) 223-4106 or (910) 223-4134.

Assessments are the property owner’s portion of the cost of the utility installation and improvements impacting your property. Assessments are liens that are attached to the property, NOT to the owners of the property. A lien is the right to take or hold or sell the property of a debtor as security or payment for a debt. Assessment bills are sent annually over a period of 10 years. The assessment is separate from cost associated with the connection to the system which is the responsibility of the property owner. For information about connecting to utility services for this property, please contact PWC at (910) 223-4600.